Category: Diabetes

DIABETfre capsule is a blend of 5 ingredients which contains Stabalized Allicin our patent ingredient. Formulation contains well-known herbal ingredients like Cinnamon Extract, Bitter Melon , Alpha Lipoic Acid & Chromium Picolinate.

Regular consumption of the herbs present in this product is known to help by managing the body’s natural sugar management process and help build immunity from common ailments. For best results recommended regular consumption for 90 days one capsule a day.

Stabalized Allicin within the formulation also controls the HBA1C levels, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and boosts Immunity and shows results in 3 - 4 months of consuming DIABETfre.

All agents included in DIABETfre formulation are capable of reducing HbA1c readings of sugar bound to Haemoglobin.

Consume DIABETfre along with your regular medication ensuring that you are keeping a minimum gap of 1 hour between your regular medication and DIABETfre.

How is this product different from other products for sugar management available in markets?

DIABETfre is the only product in the market for sugar management that contains Stabilized Allicin, packed in 100% vegetarian capsules.

Should this product be given for normal patient, pre-Diabetic patient or Diabetic patient? Will the dosage be different in each case?

DIABETfre capsules are meant for both Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic patient (Type 1 and Type 2). It is required to be taken by diabetic patient in addition to their regular medication with a gap of 1 hour between them. As with all products consumed by diabetics periodical determination of blood sugar levels and HbA1c is recommended and review with their physicians.


Category: Hair, Skin & Nails

Keep on trend by adding Hair, Skin and Nails gummies to your beauty or lifestyle brand. Each serving contains ingredients such as Biotin and Zinc which contribute to the normal growth of hair, skin and nails as well as essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

Directions for use

  • As a dietary supplement, adults take two gummies per day.
  • If pregnant, breast feeding, taking medication or have any medical condition, ask a health professional before use.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Hair, Skin and Nail gummies are halal suitable.

Nutritional Info

Hair skin and nails gummies formulation per 2 gummies:

  • Vitamin A – 2100i.u.
  • Vitamin C – 20mg
  • Vitamin D – 400i.u.
  • Vitamin E – 16.5mg
  • Vitamin B6 – 2mg
  • Folic Acid – 260µg
  • Vitamin B12 – 6µg
  • Biotin – 5000µg
  • Vitamin B5 – 5.2mg
  • Iodine as Potassium Iodide – 42µg
  • Zinc as Citrate – 2.7µg
  • Inositol – 40µg